An Explanation of the Mandala

    Styled after Tibetan thangkas, this parody is a wheel of life mandala about Bill Gates' accomplishments.

    In the center, Bill and Melinda are posed as a Tibetan god and goddess. In their hands are some of the business ventures with which they are involved. The background starts with oriental cloud formations and fades into the Windows 95 sky motif.

    Standing on a lotus throne with the Windows 95 start button as top, Bill squashes competitors Apple and Digital Research.

    The wheel begins with his Basic programs, progresses through Microsoft and MS-Dos, and on to his acquisitions - Da Vinci's Manuscript, the Bettman Archives, and, recently, Ansel Adam's photographic works. Though many of these historic images were previously in the public domain, it may now be necessary to pay a royalty for use to the new owner.

    Continuing around the wheel past Windows 95 is the Seattle skyline with Mr. Gates' new home and the Microsoft plant.     The Circle is complete with the background from the cover of Bill's book, The Road Ahead leading to the world wide web, a venue he almost missed and is scurrying to dominate.

    In between are the words of the message, Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. The motif is based on microchip wiring.

    The demon represents the lurking evils of avarice, self-aggrandizement, and monopoly.

Copyright 1996 S D Siegel

Copyright 2004 S D Siegel

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