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Lessons in Botanical Illustration Drawing and Painting

Even though the camera has been refined to microscopic detail, scientific illustrators are still used today to clearly depict archeological finds, medical illustration and biological and botanical subjects.

This one-day workshop will offer techniques in detailed observational drawing and painting used in scientific illustration. Concentrating on botanical subjects, participants will learn to see the structure and detail of their subject clearly, find the drawing marks and techniques to record what they see, layout a pleasing and informative composition, then add color. Materials and lunch are included in the fee. If you would like to use better quality watercolors than Prang, please feel free to bring your own paints and brushes!

 Instructor: Sharon D. Siegel is an artist, illustrator and has illustrated several flower publications. She is an adjunct professor at the College of St. Rose and has led many professional development activities for regional artists and art teachers as Arts Coordinator at Capital Region BOCES. Please  take a look at Sharon's other artwork.

Scaventer Hunt of Digital Camera Techniques

A self-paced tutorial to discover some unknown, therefore unused, features hidden (and carefully disguised as frustrating buttons) within your very own digital camera. This scavenger hunt of photo assignments will  introduce you to your camera functions advanced effects. Back in the studio we will learn how to improve and alter the photos to create interesting special effects. Assignments will have artistic merit based on art curricular objectives. The scavenger hunt assignments can be easily transferred to your classroom. Come with your digital camera and its manual. Bring a laptop to view your photographs and for photo manipulation.

Instructor: Peter Taylor graduated from the Art Institute of Boston. He worked as a photojournalist for Picture Group Photo Agency shooting news stories for publication in Europe and the US and was a commercial photographer for such clients as Johnson & Johnson, General Electric and Hearst Publishing. Peter teaches photography and computer graphics at Glens Falls City School District.

For Professional Development credit, please see your district administration.

For information or to register, please call or email Sharon Siegel:

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