The Painted Pearl

Custom Jewelry for Wedding Parties

and Colorful Beads for every day and every occasion!


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 Everyday Jewelry

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African Opal Necklaces 


Amethyst Necklace and Earrings   Yellow Necklace and Druzy Earrings


Fall Colors Pearl Necklace and Earrings


   Eletrolight Quartz Necklace and Druzy Earrings  Agate Necklace   


Grey Pearl Set


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Jewelry for Your Wedding Party

To discuss a wedding party design, please call or email:

518.482.2405 /


 Bridesmaid's jewelry Green            Bridesmaid's jewelry, Red


Green Pearl Set     Peach Pearl Set

Colored pearls to coordinate with your wedding colors!


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Sharon D. Siegel is an independent artist, illustrator and bead jewelry designer. Please feel free to take a look at Sharon's artwork. 

For information, please email Sharon Siegel:



 SDSiegel Art Studio